Wednesday, February 05, 2003

GUI Everywhere!

The Iconfactory finally kicked off its annual icon design contest, Pixelpalooza 2003, the other day.

Today, the factory released the newest version of CandyBar, its OS X icon customization tool. The new version features support for single-file sets, called iContainers, which can be created as well as uploaded. CandyBar now resembles a totally OS X version of the factory's iControl, which did just about the same thing, but in OS 9.

The real feature of CandyBar, beyond the ability to almost instantly change the default icons for folders and such, is the power to change the icons in the toolbar, without hacking into those pesky resource files.

One interesting thing about the new version of CandyBar (besides the fact that 1.5 comes after 1.3), is that it features full 10.2.4 support. Does this mean the next OS update is on it's way?


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