Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Gigahertz goodness...
iMac (second revision) Rumormonger Round-Up (Yee-haw!)

Two, and only two (unless you count the Built-to-Order machine) iMacs. With a 1 GHz processor and DDR RAM in the top model. Here's the beautiful part, not one rumor site correctly predicted it!
So, here's a look at a handful of major rumormongers across the web, and how well they predicted today's iMac revisions...

Big Winners!
As I said before, not a single site correctly predicted the new two machine line of iMacs.

- Mac Rumors correctly predicted the $1299 and $1799 prices, although they struck out on their predictions of a third, $1499 machine. More astoundingly, they scored with their DDR RAM and 4x SuperDrive predictions.

Not Bad... but not that good, either...
- Think Secret originally suggested the week of February 3, and correctly predicted eMac price drops and the $1299 price tag on the new low-end iMac. That said, they offered almost no real details about the new iMacs, and seemed surprisingly in the dark.
- MacUnderground's predictions were a little vague, and struck out on Firewire 800 support in the high-end machine, but I did manage to predict the February 4 before any major rumormonger. Also, I was right about the 1 GHz clock speed and AirPort Extreme support.

The dreaded losers...
- Mac OS Rumors. They predicted the revision would come in late March/early April. Need I say more?
- AppleInsider predicted four machines, ranging from $999 (which happens to be the new entry-level eMac price) to $1699.
- LoopRumors also claimed four models, only predicting specs on three. The high-end model had no DDR RAM and a 120 GB hard drive. They did not predict AirPort Extreme on their two lower models (of the three).

All in all, Apple did a pretty good job surprising us with this release.
Rumors to watch in the next week:
iPods, I know new iPods next Tuesday would make three straight weeks of new releases, but there's speculation out there claiming just that.


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