Monday, February 24, 2003

Everybody's on board!

iPod updates are expected tomorrow. Really.

Don't believe me? Maybe you believe Mac Rumors, LoopRumors, or Think Secret. All have reported on possible iPod releases, although none as daring as Macwhispers, which has committed itself to predictions of iPod updates tomorrow.

Here's the general expectations for the update:
- 5 GB iPod discontinued (Toshiba quit making the hard drives for it)
- 10 GB iPod unchanged, now $299
- 20 GB iPod slims down to 10 GB size, now $399
- 40 GB iPod introduced at $499, should be as big as current 20 GB

As for rumors of more radical changes, Think Secret claims that something very radical is down the road.
Also of interest, Apple has offered through email a "special deal" for those who purchase a 10 GB iPod before March 14. It's my firm belief that this implies updates before the 14th.
And yes, tomorrow looks promising, although I was saying that a week ago, too.


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