Monday, February 03, 2003

End of the line for the G3?

LoopRumors reports that a "reliable source" (if I had a dime for every time I heard that!) tells them that G4 iBooks will be out in early May.

We have received word from a reliable source that a new updated iBook with a G4 processor will make its way into the education notebook in 'early May.' This will complete the transition of the company's product line to the G4 processor.

Getting past the fact that the above statement is grammatically confusing on many levels, it suggests that a G4 iBook would only be available to the education market. Why would Apple introduce a new education product at the end of the school year?

Also, what about the future of the G3? I'll admit that it's a dated processor, but Think Secret ran an article in December speculating that the G3 still had a life ahead of it, with the G3 "GOBI" revision on the way.
Considering the fact that the iBook is supposed to be the affordable laptop, and the 12" Powerbook is $1800, I don't think the iBook will be sporting G3s any time soon, although May is still a few months off...

Accuracy note: LoopRumors is a relatively new site, although they scored poorly with their MWSF03 Keynote predictions.
Think Secret has a record of good reliability, and placed second with their Expo Keynote predictions.


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