Thursday, February 20, 2003

Breaking iPod News!
Go get Nancy Drew!

Apple has dropped a big clue as to the nature of the iPod's next update. I received an Apple email this evening informing me that ordering a 10 GB iPod through the Apple online store before March 14 would be rewarded with a free XtremeMac Get Connected Kit (whoop-dee-do).

Why is this important?
The deal is only good on the 10 GB iPod, which is the only model rumored to stay the same (with the exception of a minor price drop) at the line's next revision.
This suggests that the iPod line will be revised before March 14.
More importantly, this appears to confirm rumors that the next iPod revision will be minor, that the 10 GB iPod will not change in any way, shape, or form, that the 5 GB iPod will be discontinued, and that the 20 GB iPod will change somewhat (rumors have it slimming down to the size of the 10 GB model).


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