Sunday, January 12, 2003

Winners and Losers at MWSF03...

Well, that's all she wrote for MacUnderground's MacWorld Keynote Predictions Accuracy Reports. I know I said I would do an AR for MacSlash, but I think it's time to wrap up all this keynote hubbub. I did look at what MacSlash predicted, and it wouldn't have made a difference in the awards. Speaking of awards...

Now it's time to have a look at the final scores, and award MacUnderground's three honors.

Scores (from a base 50), ranked best to worst:
Mac Rumors, 145
Think Secret, 100
MacUnderground, 85 (however, I can't receive any honors)
LoopRumors, 5
MacOSRumors, -145 (ouch!)

What do they mean?
The top three (including myself, here) predicted enough correctly to gain points. While the bottom two (particularly MOSR), had generally incorrect predictions.

The Awards!
Here they are, without further interuption:
"Best Rumormonger of the MWSF03 Keynote" - Mac Rumors!
"Rumormonger Runner-Up of the MWSF03 Keynote" - Think Secret!
And the hilarious "Bad Publicity is Good Publicity Award for the Absolutely Worst Predictions of the MWSF03 Keynote" - MacOSRumors!

Congratulations to all three winners!


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