Friday, January 03, 2003

What a twisted web we weave...
Four days to MWSF and the very accurate ThinkSecret has rumormongers up in arms with its latest report "Sources: No iMac, eMac or display changes until late January," thus debunking the most prevelant rumor of the expo.
Quoting the article: "Apple will not use Macworld Expo in San Francisco as a venue to upgrade the iMac, eMac or flat-panel display families, but instead will wait to do so until late January or early February at the latest."
ThinkSecret cites "A number of highly reliable sources within Mac distributors and high level executives within Apple itself" for its article.
Rattled by the ThinkSecret report, MacRumors has left a post mentioning ThinkSecret's findings and started a forum thread regarding it. They've gone on to mention a new, less interesting, rumor of .mac Address Book syncing through iSync and .mac.
MacRumors claims this new feature of .mac will be available on January 7, keynote day, with this unusual screenshot, which is from
It looks like the start of a very busy few days in the rumor mill and at mac sites everywhere.


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