Monday, January 06, 2003

T-minus 18.5 hours, and counting...
Add in eight hours of sleep, and we're within twelve hours! (you do get eight hours of sleep?)
And the rumors just keep on coming...
Mac Rumors has two new bits of info for readers.

First, they're reporting that the new iGadget expected tomorrow...
"...will come with 802.11g and Bluetooth wireless capabilities..."
The blurb, originally from, goes on to mention that this device will make the Mac a more appealing digital hub in hopes of attracting more switchers.

The second piece of juicy news is that a slip-up at SmartDisk Corp.'s press department suggests that Steve will be announcing Firewire 2 (a.k.a. Firewire 800, for its 800 mbps transfer rate).
Mac Rumors goes on to wonder what kind of new device would utilize Firewire 2, which is backwards-compatable with the current Firewire on all of Apple's computers.


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