Sunday, January 05, 2003

A suspicious disappearance...
Mac Rumors has posted its final keynote predictions. They're fairly similar to the more reliable reports out right now, and there is no reference to that magic 0.3 pounds lighter laptop.
It's already evident that the real opinions are about the new device (although there's some debate over the new app). Think Secret mentioned the possibility of an Apple tablet, while Mac Rumors speculates about an mp4 movie playing iPod II.
MacSlash's expo predictions feature the possibility of iTunes integration with .mac, including iTunes skins (I like that idea, it would be the second real bonus of paying that $49, the first being the free download of Alchemy). They also say that sources at Apple Stores and resellers say iPods are currently hard to come by, sparking their support of color screen iPods, hopefully with bluetooth and Rendezvous.
I think those predictions are a little hopeful (they admit that), Mac Rumors's talk is more down to earth, but I wouldn't rule anything out.
Finally, LoopRumors says that we're looking at color iPods, although they say it could be marketed as another iGadget, otherwise they generally agree with the other rumors out there.
I've felt very swayed by all this talk of color iPods, especially when I realized the implications of a gadget like that with something like El Gato's EyeTV. I need a good night's sleep before I post my predictions. They'll be up by midday.


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