Saturday, January 04, 2003

Sunken buttons...
No, it's not a new Disney version of the Swiss Family Robinson taking place in a biosphere underwater 300 years in the future.
What I'm talking about is the small change in Apple's apps featuring the "brushed metal" look. First noticed in an iChat update, these sunken buttons can be noticed in the recently released versions of iCal (1.0.1) and iSync (1.0). Neither iPhoto or iTunes has changed, yet (iPhoto 2 is expected at MWSF, iTunes 4 is expected in the next six months). But that's old news.
The new news is that the sunken buttons are in another brushed metal app from Apple, Calculator. I don't know when the change happened (I think I would remember a software update called "Calculator bubbles!"), but it has.


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