Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Predicting the near future...

Well, now that all the fun of MWSF03 is over, we can focus on what's ahead for Apple.
Steve Jobs himself said that 2003 would be a big year for Apple, and that there were some surprises on their way, straight from Cupertino.
The real question is "what?" and I'm going to try to shed some light on what we might just be seeing this year from our favorite computer company. First up, the iMac.

The new iMac is just over a year old, and the 17" iMac will be six months old on Friday, here's what I expect in the next revision of the computer that revolutionized the letter "i"
- Faster processor speeds
This is very important. The next revision of the iMac should have G4s up to 1 GHz.
- More Widescreen, not widerscreen
Despite rumors of a 19" screen iMac, I think we'll see 17" LCDs on more of the models.
- Lower prices, or at least not higher ones
This might be hard to pull off with the inclusion of the 17" LCD, but at the very least, prices will stay the same.
- AirPort Extreme ready
This almost goes without saying. Apple has adopted this loveable new standard in wireless, and since the cards aren't compatable with older slots, we'll be seeing this small, but necessary upgrade in all models.
- What about Firewire 800 and USB 2.0?
Apple hasn't accepted USB 2.0, but I wouldn't be surprised if new iMacs featured the ports. Firewire 800 isn't even in the 12" AlBook, so I don't think we'll see it in the iMac anytime soon.

When, Chris? When?
Soon. Very soon. It has been reported that we could see these as early as next week, but a more reasonable timetable would be "sometime in January."


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