Friday, January 03, 2003

Post number six...
I just wanted to quote something Think Secret (see link in an earlier post, I'm tired of writing the same HTML over and over) said in their MWSF Prediction Round-up, note the last sentence:
"We can't see Steve Jobs doing a keynote with just a bunch of iApp announcements and a new AirPort base station as the main items. There are rumblings of something bigger than any of this; something Apple should be congratulated for keeping under such tight wraps, if true. Let's say it's 40% inspiration, 60% clues, but we wouldn't be totally surprised to see an innovative tablet Mac in the $1100 to $1500 range. Just think of it...Inkwell handwriting recognition, iSync capabilities, Bluetooth and a PCMCIA slot for an optional AirPort card. Just like the iMac, it's time for Apple to innovate again."
I agree, it is time for Apple to innovate again. I thought we might be looking at a further push towards consumer electronics, but this is just as good, and possibly better. This keynote is going to be big. Why? Because every sign out there says it won't. You say a tablet is unlikely... I say "Think Different."


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