Wednesday, January 01, 2003

My thoughts on something big at MWSF
(This was my post to a Mac Forums thread about something big at MWSF, much of the discussion was about an Apple PDA. I'll post something new later today)

Let's think about this for a second.
• Apple dropped the Summer Expo in a clever scheme just a few months ago.
• MWSF is now the only time everybody is paying attention to what Apple is doing (unlike people like us who are always paying attention).
• The iPod was a big success, and there's leftover technology from the Newton.
• We aren't going to see an update to the iBooks or TiBooks, and we probably won't see an update to the Power Macs, either.
• Besides, updates aren't big things (although new, faster iMacs would be cool), we really want to see a groundbreaking new device.
• I know it's already been said, but bluetooth serves little use in the iPod, Firewire really is much better for mp3.
• Jaguar featured the introduction of some neat-o handwriting gizmos (Inkwell), which serve no to even less than no purpose in today's desktop (or even laptop) computers.
• Apple hasn't even tried to get support for PocketPC devices, and that leaves out a part of the PDA market.
• With the exception of the Tungsten, Palm PDAs are pretty mediocre, which would help the introduction of any Apple PDA.
• Don't rule out the iPad/iTablet/iWhatever. Windows-based tablets are pretty lousy, Apple could whip out some cool innovation (it is what they do best).
Any Apple DLD PDA would fuse the ideals of the digital hub, the Mac OS, and the Tablet. This will definatly be something totally new (in the way the iPod was) and very creative (that wild mood ring casing, for a strange example).


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