Wednesday, January 08, 2003

MWSF03 Accuracy Report: MacUnderground

Here it is, MacUnderground's first accuracy report from this year's keynote. More to come... By the way, I've stopped using bullet points because Safari seems to have trouble with them (they turn to question marks after I post).

Original Predictions:

- Web browser released
- .mac Address Book (this feature was quietly added before the keynote, and therefor it neither counts for or against me)
- 802.11g
- $50 iApp bundle
- Tablet/DLD
No iMacs, eMacs, Powermacs, Xserve, iBooks, Powerbooks, iTunes 4, iPhone.

I was right on target when I predicted the release of a web browser (Safari) over a new version of iTunes. I also was right about the release of 802.11g wireless technology (AirPort Extreme) and the $50 iApp bundle, iLife (although I did not predict that iPhoto and iMovie would be available for free). With the exception of the Powerbooks, I was spot on with my predictions against almost all hardware updates. Finally, I did not anticipate Final Cut Express or Keynote.

Generally, I did pretty well, only predicting one wrong item and missing three others. My score looks like this. (Scores start at fifty and have no maximum)

Base score: 50
Correct Software Predictions:
- Safari, +20
- iPhoto 2, iMovie 3, iDVD 3, +20
- iLife $50 package, +10
Incorrect Software Predictions:
- iPhoto 2, iMovie 3 not available for free (they are), -5
Missed Software:
- Keynote, -10
- Final Cut Express, -10
Correct Hardware Predictions:
- AirPort Extreme, +30
Incorrect Hardware Predictions:
- Tablet/DLD, -20
Missed Hardware:
- Powerbook 12" and 17", -20
Additional Points, + or -:
- "Year of the Laptop" honor (goes to any site that predicted no desktop hardware), +20

Total Score: 85, from a base 50

What the hell does that mean?
Scoring more than 30 points above 50 is good, but leaves room for improvement, lots of improvement...

Next Accuracy Report: Think Secret.


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