Thursday, January 09, 2003

MWSF Accuracy Report: LoopRumors

Two ARs in one day... Now it's time to have a look at newcomer LoopRumors. The scoring makes more sense if your read the first report (from yesterday).

Original Predictions from LoopRumors:

- iPhoto 2
- iMovie update
- iTunes update
- Video iPod
LoopRumors didn't go as far as to speculate what wouldn't be at the expo, but they also didn't predict any new desktop computers or LCD screens.

This was LoopRumors first expo, so not much can be said about expectations. They underpredicted by quite a bit, but I'm sure they'll be better next time around.

Score... since this was LoopRumors first expo, I gave them a handicap of +20 points on their base score.
Base Score: 70
Correct Software Predictions:
- iPhoto 2, iMovie 3, +15
Incorrect Software Predictions:
- iTunes 4, -10
Missed Software:
- Safari, -15
- iDVD 3, -5
- iLife, -5
- Keynote, -10
- Final Cut Express, -10
Correct Hardware Predictions:
- None
Incorrect Hardware Predictions:
- Video iPod, -20
Missed Hardware:
- Powerbook 12" and 17", -20
Additional Points, + or -:
- "Year of the Laptop" sub-honor, for not predicting any desktop hardware, +15

Total score: 5, from a base 50, plus a 20 point handicap

What the hell does that mean?
It isn't good, that's for sure. The 20 point handicap was the only thing keeping LoopRumors from the shame of a negative score. I am, however, more than willing to cut the newcomer some slack this time, I can't say that I'll be so forgiving in the future...

Next Accuracy Report: MacOSRumors (I mean, "Inaccuracy Report")


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