Sunday, January 05, 2003

MacUnderground's Final Predictions (with percents!):
Before we begin, I've changed my position on the new Digital Lifestyle Device that will be released at the expo. Late-breaking news from the rumor mills and further speculation have caused me to revert to my original position. I believe (with 70% certainty) that we will see an Apple Tablet at the expo keynote. There's a full round up of where I stand below.

Here's how my scale works:
Everything adds up to 100%, but anything below 50% is pure speculation.

Desktop computers:
• No new iMacs (100% sure)
• No new eMacs (100%)
• No new Power Macs (100%)
Laptop computers:
• No new Powerbooks (100%)
• No new iBooks (90%)
• Next generation iBooks (10%)
Other computers:
• No Xserve announcements (100%)
• Web browser released (90%)
• iTunes 4 released (10%)
• $50 iApp bundle (iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD) (100%)
• .mac Address book (100%)
• iPhone (100%)
Hardware upgrades:
• Faster AirPort (100%)
New Hardware announcement:
• Tablet/DLD. A revolutionary new consumer oriented tablet designed for the next generation of digital life. (70%)
• iPod-like DLD. Color screen, plays mp3 and mp4. (20%)
• Anything can happen, it's going to be the most surprising hardware announcement in recent expo history (10%)


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