Sunday, January 19, 2003

Mac OS Rumors locks in its predictions for the year (let's hope they're up to same high standards as their MWSF predictions!)

Infamous rumormonger Mac OS Rumors has put together a list of predictions for Apple's 2003 announcements. Before I highlight them, I must remind readers that MOSR has a terrible track record with rumors. The site actually received the "Bad Publicity is Good Publicity Award for the Absolutely Worst Predictions of the MWSF03 Keynote." They scored a whopping -145 (from a base 50) on their predictions. (In perspective, the next worse site had a score of 5, and the best site had a score of 145)

Now that I've cleared that up, here's what MOSR "predicts" for the new year:
- The PowerPC 970 (also referred to as the G5 by MOSR) in machines in the month of September. While I think the 970 is a sure thing, September is an optimistic, although not unreal, guess.
- A Power Mac update between mid-March and late April. G4 hitting 1.4 GHz.
- You'll get a kick out of this one: "New iPods are due out in March, according to internal documents acquired by [Mac OS] Rumors yesterday."
- An iPod-based video Digital Lifestyle Device sometime this summer.
- A possible totally new DLD sometime in the spring.
- The major iChat update that MOSR has been obsessing about is now supposedly in...
- Mac OS X 10.3, which MOSR predicts will ship in mid to late September (right around the time they predict the 970).
â?¢ Finally, the most far-flung of their predictions (in my humble opinion): Dual G4 17" Powerbooks running at least 1.2 GHz processors, released sometime in the latter half of the year.

Here's the problem with a Dual 1.2 GHz 17" Powerbook premiering in the "latter half of the year."
1. It would have a one hour battery life (I'm slightly exaggerating there). The G4 is already a massive battery drain, the current 17" only has a 4.5 hour battery.
2. It would weigh more, and the 17" already weighs a ton.
3. It would literally get hot enough to fry an egg.
4. It would be outrageously expensive.
5. Apple won't release new G4 Powerbooks once the 970 is on the market (which will be sometime in the latter half of the year). Who would buy an expensive new machine that'll be replaced with a Powerbook 970 six months down the road?

Anyway, the predictions made by MOSR that are actually a possibility are probably educated guesses, not "sources" and "internal documents." Now that these "predictions" are on record here, I'll be following them, keeping tabs on MOSR's accuracy all the way.


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