Tuesday, January 28, 2003

It caught us by surprise

Mac Rumors has posted a "Winners and Losers" for today's Powermac and 20" Display release.
It was generally thought that there would be an iMac revision before a Powermac one, so many rumor sites (including yours truly) had yet to weigh in on the topic.
Display rumors had been flying for quite a while, but almost no one could foresee the $1500 price drop on the 23" model.

I'm still predicting the iLife release for this Friday (which is the consensus in the rumor community right now), and iMac revisions for one week from today, Tuesday the fourth.

I have a theory of my own about how today's developments will affect the imminent iMac revisions, which I'll get around to posting either tomorrow or Thursday.

By the way, Macwhispers has posted a great report comparing the prices of the 20" and 23" Apple Displays with those of similar LCDs made by other companies. It looks like for the first time in recent history, Apple has a high-end desktop component priced to kill the competition. Go Apple!


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