Friday, January 24, 2003

iMac, boxed to go...

Macwhispers has claims that the next iMac revisions (which Think Secret has placed on February 3) will support Bluetooth, at least in the 17" model(s).
They also spin that classic love tale, iMac meets Airport, iMac meets Airport's cousin (It's a Mac Thing!). While this is really no surprise, Macwhispers has "multiple sources" confirming the logical inclusion of the new 802.11g cards in the next iMacs.
There is a little catch with their talk of the new Bluetooth support, their source there is the Taiwanese manufacturer of the iMac. Some of the lease reliable rumor talk (like that of the 19" LCD iMac) come straight from these "sources" across the Pacific.
That said, I think Bluetooth support will be included in the next iMacs.
Macwhispers admits having little knowledge of whether or not there will be Firewire 800 on the machines.

Here's a general idea of what I expect in the next iMacs (my predictions of sorts):
- Airport Extreme across the line!
- More 17" models, although Apple will retain the 15" for affordability
- Firewire 800, but possibly on only a few models. Firewire 400 isn't going away.
- I've heard talk of 120 GB hard drives, that would have to be a custom-built machine.
- And, of course, 1 GHz G4! It's only logical, and probably only in the top model(s).
- How about February 4 for the release? That week is the most likely time, so I'm picking the fourth. Tuesday is a very popular day for minor Apple updates.


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