Monday, January 20, 2003

I'll knock some iSense into you, okay?

Also at LoopRumors today is a new opinion in the site's "iBall" column. The editorial-of-sorts complains about the weaknesses in Apple's advertising.
I actually disagreed with the opinion expressed so much, that I wrote an email to LoopRumors explaining that Apple's advertising hasn't been this good in years, and that we shouldn't dare to jinx it.

I'll admit, Apple still has some advertising ground to cover, but they're doing pretty well right now. I can assume that the folks at LoopRumors have never worked in advertising, because I think their opinions would be different if they had. The thing is, we can't just make an ad that says "Mac OS X looks good and is cool and will help your kid to better in school, so there!" Nobody would pay attention long enough to see the grey Apple at the end of the ad.
Ads have to grab people's attention before they sell anything. The ad with Verne Troy and Yao Ming does that pretty well. It also has a screen shot or two, and a look at why Apple's hardware is so darned cool.
Does it say a thing about the OS? Does it showcase any one of Apple's multitude of free iApps? Does it tell Wintel users why to switch? No. It doesn't do any of those things. It does something better. It gets your attention long enough to tell you that Apple innovates, and that's all it needs to do.

Besides, Apple can't sell OS X to PC users until it finishes selling it to Mac users.
If LoopRumors just has something against Jeff Goldblum they should say it, And that's my two cents.


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