Monday, January 06, 2003

Bring on the Newton!
I have some further insight in the Tablet debate, and its origins date back to the misunderstood Newton.
(I originally posted this in a forum thread, but would like to post it here, too)

Stop thinking about a tablet as what they are today.
Think about a tablet as what they were.

Yep, I'm talking about Newton.

The technology in Newton wasn't ahead of its time, and that was what sunk the clunky tablets. Yes, I know I called the Newton a tablet, that's how it was ahead of its time.

The Newton was truly a Tablet, in a time when few knew about the concept, and the technology to create a decent one didn't exist. The idea of the Newton was ahead of its time.

Now the time seems just right...
Let's see a small, powerful tablet. In no means meant to replace your iBook, but meant to make it, and any other Mac, more complete.


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