Sunday, January 05, 2003

Apparently they like being wrong...
Mac OS Rumors has posted its final, final predictions for MWSF. As you may recall, they posted their first final predictions a few days back.
Their predictions from Friday included a gawdy brushed metal Apple TiVo as the new DLD.
In their latest ravings, MOSR persists that we will see:

Mac OS Rumors's Predictions
• New iMacs
• New eMacs
• New flat-panel displays
• New iPods
And a possible
• New DLD
• New Xserve
The first three on that list have all been generally discredited by the more reliable news and rumor sources. Also, it is believed that there will be no Xserve announcements at MWSF.
MOSR has a very poor track record with its predictions in recent history.
MacUnderground's official predictions can be seen in the post directly below this one.


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