Saturday, January 11, 2003

Accuracy Report: MacOSRumors

Original Predictions from MOSR:
- New iMacs
- New eMacs
- New Xserve
- Updated iChat
- New flat-panel displays
- New iPod ("a shoo-in")
- An additional Digital Lifestyle Device
MOSR also predicted a new iApp, which they gave no details on, and charges for two existing iApps, which they didn't name. Since those predictions are too vague, neither will be counted in the scoring.

Not a single one of their predictions came true at the keynote. That fact speaks for itself.

Base Score: 50
Correct Software Predictions:
Incorrect Software Predictions:
- Updated iChat, -10
Missed Software:
- Safari, -15
- iPhoto 2, -5
- iMovie 3, -5
- iDVD 3, -5
- iLife, -5
- Keynote, -10
- Final Cut Express, -10
Correct Hardware Predictions:
Incorrect Hardware Predictions:
- New iMacs, -15
- New eMacs, -15
- New Flat-Panel Displays, -10
- New Xserve, -10
- Updated iPod, -20
- New DLD, -20
Missed Hardware:
- AirPort Extreme, -20
- Powerbook 12" and 17", -20
Additional Points, + or -:

Total score: -145, from a base 50

What the hell?! (And what the score means)
To score below zero is sad, but when your score is off the base by nearly 200 points, it really says something about your rumor gathering skills. I doubt we'll see any scores even close to this low from any other site. I'd be willing to give pity to MOSR if they weren't a long-time staple of Mac rumormongering across the internet.

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