Thursday, December 26, 2002

A good deal...
Apple has historically charged way too much for RAM, with the exception being the "Double your RAM" deal. To add insult to injury, most systems ship with pitiful amounts of memory, so what's a Mac user to do?
Well, many claim the answer is, and they might just have the holy grail of good, cheap memory at their fingertips.
To find out what these intrepid users have really found, I got some RAM from dealram, and found out "The Deal with dealram," but since most Mac news and rumor sites are on vacation for the holidays, and I need to fill a weblog here, "The Deal with dealram" will be posted tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I'm back from Las Vegas, Nevada and catching up on all the Mac news I missed.
Think Secret is reporting that new fast G3s and a chip codenamed GOBI are on the way. These are all reportedly part of the PowerPC 750fx family, and while the publicly announced chips are promised to meet 1 GHz, the rumored GOBI would exceed those speeds.
Apple released the Mac OS X 10.2.3 update (available through Software Update), and the Iconfactory and Panic have released a corresponding update of their GUI customization tool, CandyBar. I have not installed 10.2.3 or the 1.0.3 CandyBar update, so I can't comment on either of them.
Unfortunately, CandyBar users won't be able to really deck out their desktops until the new year because the Iconfactory has postponed the release of the highly anticipated icon set World of Aqua 4 until they return from vacation.
Finally, users of Chimera Navigator, the cocoa Mozilla browser, know that a new version has been released. I have yet to update my own copy of the app, but have downloaded the new version, which whiled billed as a major update, is not Version 0.7, but the nightly build from December 20.
What does this mean?
It has been reported that the developer of the Chimera project was hired by Apple over the summer to possibly put together a Navigator-like Apple browser. This is pure speculation, but what if MWSF features the launch of such an iApp? With the keynote just two weeks away, a major new version of Navigator would be a problem for the release of iWeb, or iNet, or iBrowse (eyebrows), or whatever name Mr. Jobs sees fit. On top of this, users of the 10.2.3 update have noted a slight change in the look of iChat, specifically in the "Close, Minimize, and Zoom" icons, suggesting a new version of iChat is on the way. A new iChat could feature synchronization with an Apple browser.

Merry Christmas... Eve!
For some holiday cheer, click here for the website at Perhaps Mr. Jobs will be sliding down your chimney tonight.