Thursday, December 19, 2002

Holiday travel plans...
I won't be updating until the 24th or 25th of the month. I'm heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for a quick vacation before I come home for the holidays. My plans include seeing an ice skating show and visiting the local Apple Store.
Merry Christmas!... unless you don't want a merry Christmas because you don't celebrate it or something.

See Santa's Switch Ads at
Santa and Lawyers.
Santa's iPod.
Read my blurb about them below!

Apple's holiday spirit shines... now features Will Ferrell dressed as Santa at its homepage. The image links you to Ferrell's newest "Switch" spoofs featuring Santa Claus. While the two Quicktime ads aren't new, "Santa and Lawyers" and "Santa's iPod" are now easier to get to than before.
Both the ads are very funny and worth having a look at. They are about 30 seconds long and load quickly (almost instantly over DSL).

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Thanks for taking the time to read today's post at MacUnderground, and while I won't be posting much before Christmas, you can count on more later.

To start things off, I thought I'd give a little review of Pod2Go 0.4, by Kainjow Software.
Just to be clear from the start, this is one of the best iPod applications that I have used in the year since I first got my 'Pod. Let me also be clear when I say that I am cheap, and love the idea of a good application for free. So, all things considered, Pod2Go is a good app. It lets you download RSS news feeds to the "Contacts" folder on your iPod, as well as a customizable weather forcast, stock quotes, and text files (like RTF). The app comes with 23 different news blurbs from sites like iPod Lounge, MacMinute, Slashdot (although I've yet to see that one work), VersionTracker, and several "(Fill in the blank) of the Day" items. You can also program it with a different RSS feed.
The weather items in Pod2Go are quite useful. You can get current temperatures and conditions, as well as a ten day forcast and some nifty weather-buff (you know, the kind of person who watches the Weather Channel for entertainment) items like the barometric pressure. The problem is that in new version 0.4, the weather items not just wind up in the middle of your contacts, between your mother and Pizza Hut, but they don't tell you what city they're for! It's no good asking for the weather in Las Vegas, NV and Cupertino, CA, if you don't know which is which.
The stock quotes seem to work fairly well, I had no problem getting the AAPL price on my 'Pod, just be sure you know the symbol for your stock.
The least favorable feature of version 0.4 is the text items. While it is a new feature, like the stock quotes, it couldn't handle more than a few lines of the RTF file I tried to take with me, and .cwk files are out of the question.
Generally speaking, Pod2Go is a great piece of software for both your Mac and your iPod. It works well and will auto-sync if it's running while your iPod is connected and in Firewire mode. The new version 0.4 offers two new features, unfortunately only one of them works well, and on top of that, the weather program worked much better in the last version, 0.32. My advice? Get version 0.32 if you can find it on the web, otherwise just download 0.4 and live with the problems until the next version.
Pod2Go 0.4, Free. Four out of five "Jaguars"