Monday, December 30, 2002

"The Deal with DealRAM"
RAM is cheap, right? If you buy your memory from Apple, it probably isn't (the "Double your RAM" deal is the exception). So what do you do when you can't afford to add 512 MB of Apple's RAM to your new iMac, which ships with only 256 MB of RAM? You go to But should you trust your computer's performance to the lowest-price RAM?
Yes. Well, more specifically, yes. Because DealRAM isn't just a database of the lowest-priced RAM, it also offers links to brand-name memory from companies that don't operate out of a yahoo store (you'll see what I mean by that in a minute). True, the brand-name stuff will run you around two to four times as much as the generic kind, but if it makes you feel better to say: "my iMac has 512 MB of Kingston RAM," then you can get that from DealRAM, too... and you're also crazy and/or winning the lottery right now, here's what I mean.
512 MB of Kingston iMac RAM costs $228.94 shipped, but has the added reliability of coming from the MacWarehouse. The cheapest 512 MB iMac RAM (which was not available as of 12/30/02) cost $57.69 shipped, and had the added "reliability" of coming from Brand-name memory is not for the budget-minded Mac-user.
In my case, I needed to upgrade my 256 MB RAM in my iMac. It would cost $200 to have my new (June 2002) iMac shipped with 512 MB on one unit. 768 MB over two units would cost $300. I upgraded to 768 MB for a mere $60 through DealRAM.
I got my RAM from Boundless Technology, which operates out of a yahoo store, and sells generic memory, cheap. My RAM was affordable, and arrived fast. On top of all that, it works just fine, and was a breeze to install (thanks to Apple).
In the end, you have to wonder if I'm satisfied with DealRAM or Boundless Technology. For the sake of ending sooner so I can watch News Radio on A&E (a show where they use old Mac laptops), I'll say I'm happy with both.
My recommendation, check DealRAM next time you need new RAM for your Mac (you should know how to install it yourself, Apple's support site offers help there).


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